Massey PDX

Teri Massey started in real estate in 1976 riding her bike to work before she could afford her first car. She grew her business by working with builders helping sell new construction from Hillsboro to Murrayhill and working with Clients who were referred to her from her friends and aquaintances. She quickly grew her business and never looked back. Her husband even promised her a horse when she sold her first million dollars worth of volume!

Teri's son, Grant Massey, graduated from the University of Oregon in 2006 and decided to travel the world. Grant had a job prospect lined up in marketing before he left that he expected to come back to. When he returned in 2008 the economy was in the begginning of a great recession. Grant decided to get his real estate license and follow in his Mom's footsteps. Working from a Buyer dominated market dealing with short sales, foreclosures and an unhealthy economy to where we are now has made him a very humble Realtor that works very diligently for his Clients. Grant is now the head listing agent and team leader of the Massey Group.

As a Mother/Son team their business continued to grow and they soon realized they needed additional help. While Grant was going to lunch with a former Client, Julie Jarvis, they found lots of common interests. Shortly after, both decided they would work great together and Julie decided to leave her job as an attorney and join the Massey Group. Julie has become a partner in the Massey Group since and works with both buyers and sellers while also acting as team manager. 


As the real estate market transitioned yet again the Massey Group soon realized they needed an exclusive Buyer's Realtor to meet the demanding needs of their Clients fighting and clawing for homes. They soon found Bryce Guidoux who joined the team after already having been an independant Realtor previously. 

The Massey Group is a family run business that prides themselves on treating their Clients like family. We have sold over 250 homes over the past 5 years and more imporantly have worked extremely hard towards our ultimate goal of earning our Clients trust and exceeding their goals so that they refer us to their family, friends and co-workers. The Massey Group is now one of the highest producing real estate teams in the Portland Area and Teri's husband still hasn't bought her a horse!